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"Before leaving for Hamburg, from Copenhagen 1930"

From left to right are:
Morien Hansen, Tommy Price, Jack Wood, Ron Thompson, "Skid" Plevin and Larry Boulton.

It's hard to read my grandad's writing on the back of this photo, but many thanks go to Ade Pavey for the names, who has a very good blog MotoFreako, where he writes about his fascination with the pioneer dirt-track riders of the 1920s and 30s.

Tiger Jack & ?

Possibly taken in Hamburg looking at the beer jugs & tankards.

Please email me a note if you know any information about this photo.

The writing says:
Yours Sincerely
Jack Wood
Copenhagen - 14.10.29

"With the Preston team Copenhagen 1929"

From left to right are:
Back row: Ned Kelly, Frank Chiswell, Claude Rye, (possibly ии.. Stevens?), Jack Wood (in Harley-Davidson shirt)

Front row: Len Myerscough (60), Jack Chiswell (10), Johnny Broughton, Ham Burrill (2), Norman Evans.

Thanks again to Ade Pavey for the names.

The writing says:
Breaking Record at Munich
Jack Wood 28.5.30

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